Building Trades 20-21

Building Trades is gearing up for the finishing of project house 25!
Mary Lopez, Haley Aukland, Ben Rodriguez, and Gustavo Zavala Participating in our 8th Grade Career Fair.
Mary Lopez, Haley Aukland, and Tyler Toppel helping out for our Sophomore Tours.
Considering a Career as a union tradesperson? Here in Building Trades we encompass the Carpenter, Pipefitter/Plumber, Laborer, Operator, Painter, and Electrical trades with our work at the Project House.
Google Classroom link for E-Learning.
For the 20-21 school year please email Mr Hedrick at for your class code.
Current Tasks at Hand:
Install soffit and Fascia
Wire the basement
Tasks still to be completed:
Install Brick Exterior
Install Insulation
Drywall Garage
Install Finish Flooring
Install Finish Electrical
Install Trim
Install Cabinets