Building Trades 20-21

Building Trades is gearing up for the finishing of project house 25!
Considering a Career as a union tradesperson? Here in Building Trades we encompass the Carpenter, Pipefitter/Plumber, Laborer, Operator, Painter, and Electrical trades with our work at the Project House.
Google Classroom link for E-Learning.
For the 20-21 school year please email Mr Hedrick at for your class code.
Current Tasks at Hand:
Tape and paint the garage
Install durarock underlayment
Install Porcelain Tile
Install Hardwood Flooring
Install Light Fixtures&Ceiling Fans
Install Doors
Install Trim
Tasks still to be completed:
Install Trim
Install Cabinets
Install Finish Plumbing
Install Closet Fixtures
Final Clean up
Host an Open House
Ally Kotowski, September's Director's Award Winner.
Ally is a second year student who volunteers much of her spare time to working on our project house! Upon graduation Ally plans on joining the Carpenter's Union.
Thanks for all your extra help Ally.