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GAVC Main Campus welcomes student back from break on Thursday, January 6, 2022. 

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Aerial view of project house 26

Building Trades Project House #26

Building Trades students have made great use of this beautiful fall weather getting to work on project house #26.  When school started in August we jumped right into saw safety.



Students working on the roof of project house 26.
Both first year and second year students in Building Trades have been working very hard on closing up the house for the winter. These students have had various opportunities to apply their learned skills which include working on the roof, preparing for installation, doing electrical work, learning to install windows and doors, and of course, learning general construction knowledge and safety; all of which are skills that will be valuable to them in their future careers. We hope to work at the GAVC house as much as possible throughout the winter, but it will all depend on how mother nature treats us. When we cannot make it to the house due to harsh or dangerous weather conditions, the students will be working on building sawhorses and sheds; the saw horses will not only help the students with their ability and confidence to build something on their own, but they will also be used in their everyday activities here at GAVC. The sheds will be built and used by the fire science class for them to burn,  and they will practice their knowledge and skills that they have learned to extinguish the fire. 
Along with all of the activities we have going on at the house, Mr. Humbert had the chance to attend the sophomore tours and is excited to see a lot of potential in many of the students who will soon be coming into GAVC. We are so excited for what the future has in store for us next semester and beyond. We all hope you had a terrific holiday season, and are ready to follow along our journey for the rest of the year!