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24-25 Welcome Letter

Dear Parents & Students:
Welcome to the Building Trades program at the Grundy Area Vocational Center.
The purpose of the center is to prepare students for the world of work. We provide a well-equipped classroom/shop facility, where students are given the opportunity to learn. We all take a great deal of pride in the Project House which, when completed, is sold to the public.
Knowledge and skills are only part of the requirements for successful employment. Regular attendance, proper attitude, and safety consciousness are of equal importance. We expect students to attend every day. We expect them to follow class rules, especially safety rules, cooperate with instructors and fellow workers, produce quality and quantity of work to the best of their ability, act maturely, accept responsibility, and admit to mistakes. If this seems a great deal to ask of a student, one needs only to reflect upon what employers expect.
Participation at the Center eventually leads to a grade prepared shortly before graduation. These are made available to prospective employers. The report includes job skills, personal characteristics, and attendance records. It is relied upon by many employers in hiring Center graduates. The importance of a good record throughout enrollment cannot be over-emphasized.
Please click and complete the following online links for Insurance Coverage and the Building Trades Safety Agreement before the beginning of the school year.
The following fees are due by the first day of class. Fees will be collected in GAVC PowerSchool after [Date TBD] upon registering your student for GAVC for the upcoming school year. The tool bundles are a requirement to participate in the Building Trades classes and must be purchased through GAVC.
Course Fee: $20.00 Hard Hat: $15.00 OSHA Course Fee: $32.00
1st Year tools: $200.00 Safety glasses: $5.00 (1st Year Students Only)
We look forward to working with you during the upcoming school year. If you have any questions concerning the course, please view the Building Trades Program webpage at www.gavc/
Very truly yours,
Bryan Pearcy Keith Wills
Building Trades Teacher Building Trades Teacher
[email protected]