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Director Award and Recipients

One of the highest honors recognized at the Grundy Area Vocational Center is the Director’s Award.  Every month, the instructor from each of the fifteen (15) programs has the opportunity to recognize one exceptional student.  Both first year and second year students are eligible.  Criteria for this selection include attendance, citizenship, leadership skills, professional attitude, ability in practicum activities and classroom assignments, safety, and teamwork.


For their efforts, recipients of the Director’s Award will be presented with a certificate, a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza, and a laser engraved GAVC Director Award charging cable and USB wall charger pen.  Students also have the chance to win one of two $25 cash prizes, which are randomly drawn each month.  Those entered will continue to be eligible for the remainder of the year unless their name was previously picked from the hat.  The winners are recognized with a certificate given out at the GAVC Awards Ceremony, spotlighted on the GAVC Video Monitors, letter to a parent, and home school notification.