Health Occupations

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We love that IN-person learning is allowing us to get our SKILLS done and prepare for clinical rotation.
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Advanced Health Occupation Students completing their IV/Lines and Drains Rotation.  They were able to successfully set-up an IV start kit, prime IV tubing, cannulate and remove IV's with proper report and recording.   They loved this skill so much we extended it a FULL week! Who would have thougth MATH in Nursing could be so fun?!
GAVC Health Occupations 
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 Instructor: Mrs. Jennifer Shell, RN
Assistants: Mrs. Angela Hatz, RN and Mrs. Tiffany Larsen, RN
Health Occupations I includes skills to prepare the health science student for a solid foundation in the health care field.  The student learns the basic fundamentals of patient care both in theory and clinical practice.  Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be prepared to take the State Certified Nursing Assistant exam.  They must maintain an 80% or better throughout the course in order to qualify to take the CNA exam.  Upon successful completion of the course and exam, we will celebrate with family and friends at a pinning ceremony that is held in May.  We have a complex understanding of the knowledge but like to have fun in class while learning.  
Health Occupations II this course includes skills to prepare the health science student for a specific career in the health science and technology field.  The student will be exposed to a variety of occupations in both nursing and an allied health field. The first semester will provide reliable and realistic information about health careers with virtual learning experiences.  The student will be exposed to additional knowledge in medical language and hands-on skills including suturing, phlebotomy techniques, EKG placement, Virtual Simulation Stations, medical math, and job skills training.  Students will develop a portfolio for working in the health care industry, which includes extensive material from their clinical rotation at Morris Hospital. Anatomy and pathology are discussed for interest and background rather than for mastery.
Congrats to Claire Stephenson she is our September Director Award Winner!
PPE Skill complete!
Mutant Microbes and our Chain of Infection
Nail Care and Bed making Skills