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Welcome to GAVC Automotive Technology!
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Welcome to the 2022-2023 GAVC school year.  We have a lot of big things planned for the upcoming year, we hope everyone is as excited as we are.

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to the Automotive Technology Program and to the Grundy Area Vocational Center.  Today’s automobile is full of modern technology and there is a great demand for men and women with the knowledge and skills to maintain, service, and repair them.  Employers look for certified technicians to fill these vacancies.  While not yet required in Illinois (certification is already mandatory in several states) many professional technicians achieve certification as evidence to employers and customers of technical competency.  Certification requires technical training, successful completion of written examinations and two years of work experience.  Enrollment in the Center's auto program is the first step toward certification and an important investment in your future.

Whether you are aspiring to make a career in the automotive industry or you just want to learn basic skills to make repairs in your garage at home, our program is perfect for you.  You will learn everything from shop safety to advanced electrical diagnostics and much more.

Our evaluation of students is similar to the procedures an employer would use to evaluate his employees.  It is of utmost importance for the student to attend class regularly and on time.  The student will be graded based on attendance, subject knowledge, ability to apply that knowledge, and willingness to work.  This course is designed to prepare you for success in the workforce.

All Automotive Technology students must have a uniform (Twill work pants & a button down work shirt) or coveralls and Z87 safety glasses.  We strongly encourage students to purchase steel toe boots to be used in the shop, but standard leather work boots are acceptable. Every student must have a pen, permanent marker, and notebook for class.   Tools will be provided and students are expected to pay for school tools if they are lost or damaged.  

The following fees will be due on the first day of class or can be paid online at

Course Fee: $20.00

Certification Fee: $40.00 (to be collected at time of testing)

Enclosed you will find our policies on safety and special fees.  If you have any questions concerning these regulations or any part of this course, please feel free to call us directly or visit the Center.

Very Respectfully,

Mr. Rob Schwiesow    rschw[email protected]

Mr. Nick Wickman  [email protected]

815-942-4390 ext. 4216