Building Trades » 24-25 Syllabus

24-25 Syllabus

Building Trades I
The year starts with our students receiving their tools and PPE which is all purchased through GAVC. Students are required to complete an online 10-hour OSHA Training course, after which they will receive a certificate upon completion. Safety training and proper tool usage will be implemented during shop projects such as sawhorses and small sheds. Students will learn basic construction techniques starting with framing and ending with a home's finishing stages. Once all safety and tool training requirements have been met students will begin working at the Project House in groups. Professional Development points will be given every day along with practical points for the shop and/or house.
Building Trades II
Our second-year students start with a quick safety review and cover expectations for their conduct and professionalism in the class. Students will have lessons at the Project House, with the focus on working on their own projects from start to finish. The goal is to mimic a real job site while stressing the importance of being punctual and having good attendance. As the year progresses we will help students who are interested in a particular trade pursue employment or further education.
Course Objectives: Students will be expected to complete all in-class and shop safety training. They will work in small groups in the shop and at the project house to complete lesson plans. Identifying tools, materials, and the all difficult trades that are present on job sites is key. Students will learn at their own pace and may be moved to a different group to match their abilities.
Course Goals: To mimic the experience of working on an actual job site which includes completing jobs, working with others, and following all safety protocols.
Student Material: Students are required to bring their own work clothes, boots, gloves, and a clear water bottle for work sites.
GAVC Grading Scale
90 - 100
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
59 - Below F
Grading Scale
25% Professional Development
25% Final Exam for Building Trades I Students / Practical Final Exam for Building Trades II Students
50% Class / Shop / Project House
Discipline Policy
Grundy Area Vocational Center students are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion, upon demonstration of misconduct or disobedience. Chronic problems or incidents of a serious nature will result in appropriate disciplinary action determined by administrative designee. Persistence of problems may result in termination of enrollment at the Center. Disciplinary action usually results in a report being sent to parents and the administration of your home school. Misconduct or disobedience is defined to be, but not limited to:
smoking/vaping gambling
weapons inappropriate behaviors
fighting gang-related activities insubordination
chemical abuse intimidation of students
sexual activities theft
arson and related offenses other kinds of misconduct
failure to comply with directive illegal substances
All students are expected to be familiar with rules that relate to conduct and discipline. Discipline Related incidents will be handled by the Center and referred back to the home school. 1st OffenseInstructor will counsel student, no point deduction. 2nd Offense: Daily points deducted and Instructor will contact Guardian. 3rd Offense: Daily points deducted and Instructor will contact Guardian to provide notice future offense will result in disciplinary referral to administration. 4th Offense: Referral to Dean of Students, Loss of Student Activity Privileges, Disciplinary Referral to High School resulting in serving school consequence.