Fire Science

This year the Fire Science program is off to another hot start. Our Introduction to Fire Science students started off learning basic firemanship skills which they are building on as the year progresses. Early on they learned about hose loads and personal protective equipment.  These skills provided a solid base for deploying and flowing water in attack lines, and donning their air packs and breathing air. As the year progressed, we worked on the basics of searching a building for victims, and proper technique for dragging them to safety.  Topics incoming in the near future will include communications, building construction, and hazardous materials.

Our Advanced Fire Science class is comprised of second year students who are learning the Emergency Medical Responder curriculum. They’ve learned assessment skills which include how to correct a patient’s airway, listening to their lungs, and taking a pulse and blood pressure. Building upon these skills, they have learned about wound management, immobilization, and splinting broken bones. As the class progresses we will be covering topics such as child birth and pediatric emergencies. This has been a very fast paced course, and our advanced students have risen to the challenge!!

On the horizon we are expecting a new high of 130 students for the Sophmore Tours this month.  Looks like the Fire Science Program is sparking plenty of interest.