Criminal Justice Students Practice Felony/High Risk Traffic Stops

Thank you Morris Police School Resource Officer Scott Evans for stopping in to Mr. Dite’s classroom to help present information to the students on Felony/High Risk Traffic Stops. 

The support, advice, and guidance GAVC Criminal Justice classes receive from our local law enforcement agencies and professionals is a vital and integral part to our curriculum.  If the squad car looks familiar to some, yes it is a retired Minooka Police Department Patrol Squad that was donated to GAVC. Midwest Signworks also donated the new lettering and markings on the squad car. Thank you to Midwest Signworks and to local law enforcement professionals!

After learning why and how these type of traffic stops are conducted by law enforcement officers, the students tested their skills in hands-on/practical scenarios

To help capture the training, a drone was used to photograph the student’s actions and help debrief each scenario.

The students were very professional and impressive in role playing as police officers.