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ACE: Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering  


The ACE program is designed to provide seniors with a broad overview of the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue an exciting career in the architecture/construction/engineering field. Through relevant and challenging college courses, the student will receive a solid foundation in the introductory and fundamental coursework in the professional tracks of the building industry.


The ACE program has been designed for those students interested in the built environment and who are considering career pathways in the field of architecture, engineering or construction management. With 12 hours of college credit to be earned, the student will explore each discipline and can apply those credits to the track best suited to their interest for further study. Students will need their own transportation to and from class at Joliet Junior College Main Campus.  They will be dual enrolled earning high school and college credit for ARCH 100, CM 100, EGR 105/AEC 299, AEC 106, OPS 111 and SET 100, a total of 12 credit hours. Guidance Note: Recommended that students have earned a ‘C’ or higher in all mathematics courses and have achieved senior status.


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AIM – Advanced Integrated Maintenance


This senior only program is offered in partnership with Joliet Junior College and will be held at the Main Campus on Hoboult Rd, Joliet, IL.  Students will participate in four separate college courses building skills and awareness in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, industrial maintenance, basic wiring/circuit design, and industrial fluid power. Students will learn about OSHA safety programs, maintenance physics, hand and power tools, precision measuring, technical diagrams and assembly prints, fastening devices, lubrication, basic pump operation, and basic pipefitting procedures. Students will study the principles of hydraulics and pneumatics as applied to the basic theory of fluids and typical industrial circuits. Students will build fluid power circuits as applied to industrial applications. Next, the fundamentals of electrical and electronic circuits, including the calculation and measurement of voltage, current, resistance and power will be instructed with emphasis placed on safe meter usage, print reading and exposure to a variety of electrical technologies currently used in industry. Topics include: introductory residential wiring, operation of AC motors, industrial solid-state devices, variable frequency drives, industrial controls, and single-phase/three-phase power distribution along with skills necessary to safely use electronic test equipment on low- and high-voltage components, the course will introduce students to the installation, service, troubleshooting, and repairs on various types of electrical controls, circuits and components.  Students will need their own transportation to and from class.  Students must submit an application to the Technical Department at Joliet Junior College.  Students will be dual enrolled earning high school and college credit: IMT101, IMT121, HVAC121, and EEAS101, 13 credits.  Guidance Notes:  Solid math skills needed with record of good attendance and behavior.

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Heavy Equipment Technology


The heavy equipment technology program is designed to train students for careers as heavy equipment mechanics.  Heavy equipment includes: cranes, bulldozers, front-end loaders, rollers, backhoes, and hoists.  Emphasis will be on the fundamentals as it relates to diesel engines and fuel systems used in heavy equipment.  The program will introduce students to units of measurement, electron theory, wiring diagrams, schematics and symbols, basic principles of hydraulics, basic engine components, intake and exhaust systems, introduction of welding and power train functions.  The off-campus class is available through an application process only.  The class is located at ASIP-Local 150 in Wilmington.

Students  have an opportunity to earn dual credit from Joliet Junior College: WELD 114, WELD 115, WELD 141, WELD 142 and OPS 111 (7 credits total)

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